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Common Sleep Problems in Children and Adolescents

Insomnia is a broad term which describes the difficulty of falling asleep (sleep onset) and/or staying asleep (sleep maintanence); restless or poor quality of sleep, with an overall impairment to daytime functioning.  This may include fatigue, irritability and effects on mood and academic performance. 


Insomnia due to Anxiety or Depression.  Difficulty falling asleep is often a symptom of stress, anxiety, or depression. Laying awake in bed at night processing our worries during the day – social or academic, can make it difficult to calm ourselves for sleep onset. The increasing pressures of school and academic achievement can make it very difficult to settle to sleep.


Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder – is often seen in Adolescents and is a pattern of falling asleep late into the evening and waking late in the morning, effectively "resetting" our internal clock or circadian rhythm.  This often makes it very difficult to function during the school day, and can impact on academic performance, mood and behavior.


Night Waking/Nighttime Fears, this can be common in young children and pre-adolescents and is often a normal phase of development. Nighttime wakings, however, can become disruptive and distressing to both child and parents as it impacts the quality and quantity of sleep of both the child and the parent.





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  • Sleep Disorders and difficulties with sleep


  • Anxiety

    • Generalised Anxiety

    • Panic Attacks

    • Academic Performance

    • Sleep

    • Phobias


  • Depression


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Comprehensive Mental Health services for Children, Adolescents and Families, specialising in Sleep and Anxiety.

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