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Our Psychologists
Fiona Hudson


Fiona is a CBT trained psychologist specializing in the treatment of sleep and emotional difficulties in children and adolescents in private practise.


Fiona has extensive experience working within a Child and Youth Mental Health setting both in Australia and England, where she was privileged to work within the Child and Family Department of the Tavistock Clinic in London.


Since returning to Australia in 2006, Fiona has worked at the Mater Children’s Hospital with a focus on chronic illness (Respiratory) and mental health, and sleep problems in children and adolescents.  She now devotes her time to private practise and is passionate about supporting children and adolescents who experience anxiety and depression.


Q-Class: Helping Kids Breathe and Sleep Better


  • We provide comprehensive care to children of all ages – babies to teenagers – with respiratory and sleep problems.

  • We offer a multi-disciplinary service which includes Paediatricians, GP, Paediatric Nurse, Physiotherapists, Psychologists.

  • Common problems we manage include:

    • Sleep:

      • Snoring / obstructive sleep apnoea

      • Apnoea or pauses in breathing in sleep

      • Insomnia and tiredness

      • Settling problems in babies and young children

      • Restless sleep

      • Bed wetting

      • Sleep walking, night terrors, body rocking

      • Narcolepsy

    • Respiratory:

      • Asthma

      • Persistent Coughing

      • Acute Chest Infections

      • Shortness of breath on exercise

      • Congenital Lung Problems

      • Lung diseases in premature babies

    • Investigations

      • Private sleep studies

      • Lung function testing

      • Actigraphy


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